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Big Sky Shoot

Photographer: Ryan Edy

Ryan Edy is an award-winning sports and lifestyle photographer from London who we have worked with several times in the past. Represented by Crxss Agency, his work is well known, and his aim is to “always involve the viewer in the image.” Additionally, he has collaborated with several well-known brands, including Nike, Subaru, Redbull, and more. Notably, his latest achievement as of 2023 is being shortlisted as a finalist in the prestigious 38th AOP Photography Awards.


  • Location scouting and recce
  • Equipment hire
  • Transport hire
  • Model auditioning and casting
  • Catering

The Brief

Edy’s vision for this shoot aimed to showcase the art of form, colour and light. He needed a location and models that would reflect those elements. Ryan approached us at Gavin Schneider Productions to assist with the shoot.

The Solution

GSP had the perfect location. The Inyoni Outdoor Studio had everything Ryan was looking for. To complement the clear blue sky, they applied a coat of orange paint to some of the walls. The chosen models could move and perform while being photographed, highlighting the form of the human body against the vibrant backdrop.

In conclusion, the Big Sky shoot was successful, showcasing Ryan Edy’s exceptional talent and artistic vision. The bold lines of the outdoor studio and the deep blue sky created a visually stunning stage for the models. Their vibrant clothing made them stand out against the backdrop, while their graceful movements brought energy and dynamism to the photographs.

These captivating images have received a shortlist for the prestigious 38th AOP Photography Awards. Congratulations to Ryan Edy for his well-deserved recognition, which showcases his remarkable skill and artistic vision.

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