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Photographer: Dean De Sparengo

Davidoff Cigars is a well-known cigar manufacturer that produces premium cigars known for their quality and craftsmanship. With Davidoff’s centenary campaign, they wanted a series of images that would reflect the brand’s premium quality and celebrate its long history.


  • Model scouting and casting
  • Equipment hire
  • Location scouting and recce
  • Equipment Hire
  • Transport Hire

The Brief

We undertook the responsibility of producing a series of images for Davidoff’s centenary campaign. The client expressed their desire to capture all models in silhouette against exquisite backdrops that would embody the brand’s premium quality. The shoot was arranged on short notice, presenting us with a thrillingly tight deadline.

The Solution

Despite the challenging time constraints, we successfully delivered images that surpassed the client’s expectations. We carefully selected top professional models, ensuring impeccable profiles and postures that perfectly embodied the brand’s essence. The shoot took place on a rooftop terrace in Cape Town, where we ingeniously recreated a section of The Grand Hotel using scaffolding and enchanting fairy lights.

For this project, we enlisted the experienced photographer Dean De Sparengo. The pressure of the tight deadline brought out the best in our team, who demonstrated exceptional attention to detail and expertise in model scouting and casting, location scouting and recce, equipment hire, and transport hire. As a result, we achieved a triumphant outcome that not only fulfilled the client’s requirements but also surpassed their expectations.

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