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Photographer: Nick Clemens

Ellesse, a classic Italian sportswear brand with worldwide distribution, approached us at Gavin Schneider Productions to produce their latest Ellesse global campaign shoot. As a brand that prides itself on its Italian heritage, the campaign needed to reflect the brand’s roots and aesthetic.


  • Location scouting and recce
  • Transport hire
  • Equipment hire
  • Model casting and hiring
  • Catering

The Brief

The goal of the Ellesse global campaign shoot was to capture the essence of the Italian villa lifestyle and showcase Ellesse’s clothing in this environment. In order to achieve this, the location needed to be in line with the brand’s heritage and be able to recreate the feel of an Italian villa. Additionally, the models needed to reflect the brand’s Italian roots, while the overall aesthetic had to strike a balance between timeless and fresh.

The Solution

We extensively scouted locations for Ellesse, searching for the ideal spot to capture the essence of an Italian villa. Eventually, we discovered a rundown hotel on a Constantia estate in a Cape Town suburb that perfectly embodied the desired atmosphere. Furthermore, the hotel, complete with a clay court and other key elements, served as the ideal backdrop for the shoot.

Careful consideration was given to the selection of models who would reflect Ellesse’s Italian heritage, exuding an ambiguously Latin look. As a result, a stunning campaign was created, beautifully capturing the Italian villa lifestyle and showcasing Ellesse’s clothing in a modern and refreshing manner. The flawless execution of the shoot garnered high acclaim from both the client and the public.

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