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Kennel and Schmenger

Photographer: Knut Woerner

Kennel and Schmenger, a German fashion brand, is a regular client of Gavin Schneider Productions. They produce high-quality and stylish women’s footwear, known for their quality materials and intricate designs. The brand offers a range of styles that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Kennel and Schmenger has a loyal following and leads the luxury footwear market.


  • Add ServicesEquipment sourcing and hiring
  • Transport hire
  • Catering
  • Makeup and hair stylist
  • Location scouting/ recce
  • Model Sourcing and casting

The Brief

Kennel and Schmenger Global Campaign wanted a unique photoshoot in Cape Town with a rustic, urban vibe that would complement their latest collection of spring/summer footwear for their global campaign. The brand aimed to feature alternative-looking models of diverse ethnicities, locally sourced through the model/talent agencies, to appeal to a wider German audience. The wardrobe was brought in from Europe.

The Solution

Gavin Schneider Productions, with their extensive knowledge of various locations in and around Cape Town, suggested the Wijnland Auto Museum. This unique venue combines a car graveyard with a decommissioned aeroplane, offering a perfect blend of rustic, urban, and edgy elements. Despite it not being a traditional setting for such a shoot, GSP efficiently organized the production vans, lighting, grips, camera equipment, and talent to make it happen. We selected two models with different ethnic backgrounds—one Caucasian and one mixed race—both sporting trendy short hairstyles.

Working alongside photographer Knut Woerner, Gavin Schneider Productions created a captivating atmosphere on location, resulting in stunning images. The shoot not only showcased the natural beauty of Cape Town but also highlighted the exceptional skills and talents of the local models and crew involved.

The Kennel and Schmenger Global Campaign was a success.

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