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Marks & Spencer

Photographer: Dawn Moretti

Marks & Spencer is a leading UK-based retailer known for providing high-quality products and services. M&S Bank, a subsidiary of Marks & Spencer, provides a range of financial products and services to its customers.


  • Model Casting and hiring
  • Animal Handler Services
  • Equipment Hire
  • Transport Hire
  • Catering

The Brief

M&S Bank approached Gavin Schneider Productions to handle the shoot. They hired us for our reputation in providing stunning locations and producing high-quality campaigns. Their goal was to create a lifestyle campaign showcasing suburban bliss and featuring domestic pets. They sought a stunning location and a photographer who could capture the essence of suburban life. Additionally, they wanted the images to appeal to a wide audience and communicate the message of a happy and comfortable life.

The Solution

GSP collaborated with Dawn Moretti, a South African photographer, to meet the client’s brief. She was flown to Cape Town for the shoot to bring the client’s vision to life. An animal handler was present on set at all times due to the involvement of domestic pets, ensuring their comfort and safety.

The casting process posed a significant challenge. The client had specific requirements for the models, seeking a mix of characters with the right image and personality. We conducted extensive live casting sessions over an extended period to find the ideal combination that aligned with the client’s brief.

The result was a stunning collection of images that captured the essence of suburban bliss. The campaign effectively conveyed the message of a happy and comfortable life. The inclusion of domestic pets added warmth and personality, while the carefully selected models brought the scenes to life.

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