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Photographer: Laura Knox

Martini is a renowned brand known for its premium and iconic offerings in the spirits industry. With a rich heritage spanning decades, Martini has established itself as a global leader. Their wide range of spirits, including vermouth, sparkling wines, and liqueurs, showcases exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to quality.

Driven by a passion for creating memorable experiences, Martini aims to elevate moments of celebration and social gatherings. Whether enjoyed in classic cocktails or on their own, Martini’s spirits embody indulgence and serve as a catalyst for fun-filled occasions.


  • Location scouting and recce
  • Transport Hire
  • Equipment Hire
  • Obtaining Permits
  • Catering
  • Model sourcing and casting

The Brief

Martini desired a campaign that conveyed an authentic, enjoyable experience among friends and showcased their products attractively. They aimed for a balance between pack shots and lifestyle advertising, emphasizing an atmosphere that resonated with their target audience. Expertise and local knowledge were essential in capturing the campaign’s essence, particularly in utilizing natural lighting.

The Solution

Gavin Schneider Productions coordinated seamlessly between the Camps Bay house and the Italian-style country estate in Cape Town’s southern suburbs. With careful planning and collaboration, they ensured both locations perfectly represented Martini’s brand and created an immersive experience for the audience.

Photographer Laura Knox, known for her still-life studio work, eagerly embraced the challenge of blending pack shots and lifestyle advertising. Utilizing local knowledge, Knox expertly captured the campaign’s essence by harnessing the ideal natural lighting. The result was an authentic and lively atmosphere that truly brought the campaign’s vision to life.

Local Talent

The digital operator enlisted for the shoot left a lasting impression on Knox, prompting her to offer him a job overseas. This significant recognition serves as a testament to the exceptional talent abundant in Cape Town. While Gavin Schneider Productions deeply regrets losing such a valued team member, it is undeniably gratifying to witness Cape Town’s high-calibre talent gaining well-deserved international acclaim.

Through a collaborative effort between Gavin Schneider Productions, Laura Knox, and Martini, the campaign successfully achieved its objectives. The campaign resonated with the target audience, showcasing Martini’s products in an appealing and authentic manner, while capturing the essence of a fun-filled gathering among friends. The utilization of local knowledge, expertise, and the remarkable talent pool in Cape Town ensured the delivery of a high-quality campaign that exceeded expectations.

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