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Photographer: Matt Hind

Mensfile, a modernist magazine, explores style origins and is led by passionate photographer Nick Clements. While Matt Hind shot this campaign, Gavin Schneider Productions (GSP) has maintained a strong, longstanding relationship with Clements since the early 90s.


  • Location scouting and recce
  • Model casting and hire
  • Equipment Hire
  • Transport Hire
  • Obtaining Permits
  • Animal Handler
  • Animal sourcing and hiring

The Brief

Mensfile actively approached Gavin Schneider Productions with a clear vision for their bespoke Menslife Campaign. Their objective revolved around capturing the essence of the modernist style while tracing its roots. Additionally, they specifically requested custom-made tents and a rare breed horse to establish an authentic and visually captivating atmosphere. Notably, the client actively sought a seamless collaboration to bring their vision to life and effectively showcase the distinctive qualities of the menswear collection.

The Solution

Gavin Schneider Productions wholeheartedly embraced the Mensfile campaign, strategically leveraging their longstanding partnership with photographer Nick Clements. While Matt Hind assumed the shooting duties, the team’s seamless synergy and collective expertise remained undiminished. The production was meticulously planned on Julian Melck’s farm in Kersefontein, with the aim of creating an immersive experience that authentically reflected the modernist style.

By closely collaborating with the client, GSP ensured that the custom-made tents faithfully replicated the originals from the era, effectively setting the stage for an authentic and visually compelling editorial. Moreover, to infuse further uniqueness and capture the very essence of the menswear collection, a rare breed horse was thoughtfully incorporated into the shoot.

The Conclusion

Gavin Schneider Productions, Mensfile, and Matt Hind collaborated for the successful execution of the bespoke Menslife Campaign. The campaign seamlessly blended the modernist style with an exploration of its origins. Through meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a strong partnership, GSP delivered a visually captivating production showcasing the menswear collection’s unique qualities. The campaign’s success further strengthened the longstanding relationship between Gavin Schneider Productions and Mensfile, emphasizing their shared dedication to delivering exceptional work.

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