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Photographer: Florian Geiss

Nescafe is a luxury coffee brand known worldwide for its exceptional quality and rich flavors. With a global network of coffee lovers, Nescafe seeks to appeal to a diverse and multicultural audience. The brand understands the importance of staying current and relevant in today’s urban landscape. Nescafe chose Cape Town, a vibrant and multicultural metropolis, as the ideal location for their campaign.


  • Location sourcing and recce
  • Transport hire
  • Equipment hire
  • Model casting and hiring
  • Obtaining Permits
  • Catering

The Brief

Nescafe approached Gavin Schneider Productions with a clear vision for their campaign. They desired a multicultural cast of characters that would resonate with their international audience. The models had to be diverse, urban, and reflect the current trends to have a broad appeal. Nescafe aimed to capture the essence of a melting-pot metropolis in the campaign, emphasizing the cosmopolitan nature of its brand.

The Solution

Gavin Schneider Productions embraced the challenge presented by Nescafe. They recognized that Cape Town’s multicultural environment perfectly aligned with the client’s vision. Through extensive casting, the team handpicked a diverse group of models who embodied urban and contemporary styles.

The production took place in various iconic locations across Cape Town, showcasing the city’s vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The campaign captured the energy and diversity of the city, reflecting the multicultural nature of Nescafe’s global network of coffee lovers.

The collaboration between Gavin Schneider Productions and Nescafe resulted in a visually stunning campaign.