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Orange Mobile

Photographer: Joel Redman

Orange Mobile is a leading telecommunications company that operates globally, providing mobile and internet services to millions of customers. With a strong presence in numerous countries, Orange Mobile is known for its reliable network coverage and innovative solutions in the telecommunications industry.


  • Equipment Hire
  • Transport Hire
  • Location scouting and recce
  • Permits
  • Catering

The Brief

They approached Gavin Schneider Productions (GSP) to collaborate on an Orange Mobile campaign that aimed at highlighting the far-reaching capabilities of their mobile networks and the power to connect people. GSP received the project brief from So-Design, a Bristol-based agency, providing them with an opportunity to showcase the diverse and breathtaking landscapes of Cape Town.

The Solution

GSP implemented a comprehensive strategy that included key elements like location scouting, advanced cinematography techniques, careful colour grading, and compelling storytelling. Using wide-angle lenses and aerial shots, GSP captured expansive vistas and showcased the power of mobile network connectivity. We skillfully enhanced the natural beauty of Cape Town’s landscapes, emphasizing the vibrant shades of orange, pink, and gold during sunset scenes. The visually stunning Orange Mobile campaign successfully conveyed the intended messages, showcasing the vastness of space and time, the reach of mobile networks in remote areas, and the potential for transformative experiences. GSP’s breathtaking visuals created a sense of awe, encouraging viewers to embrace the power of connection and exploration.

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