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Photographer: Rhys Frampton

Panache Lingerie, a renowned designer and manufacturer of D plus lingerie, approached Gavin Schneider Productions to collaborate on a challenging production. With a stellar reputation for fit, technical ability, and quality, Panache sought to showcase its latest lingerie and swimwear collection through a captivating photo shoot.


  • Equipment Hire
  • Transport Hire
  • Location scouting and recce
  • Model sourcing and casting

The Brief

Finding the right model for a lingerie or swimwear shoot is complex. It requires a delicate balance of attributes. The Panache Lingerie Campaign needed a model with a unique blend of wholesomeness and sexiness. The model should have toned and curvy features with perfect proportions. They should also radiate a relatable personality. It was crucial to find a model who embodies Panache’s brand values and resonates with its diverse customer base. Panache also wanted a picturesque location to enhance the shoot’s aesthetic. The setting should be flourishing and sensual, with a rustic house and natural stone pool.

The Solution

GSP approached the challenge with careful attention to detail, understanding the significance of fulfilling Panache’s specific requirements. After an extensive search, the team identified a model that embodied the desired qualities Panache sought to convey. With a wholesome yet alluring demeanour, toned curves, and perfect proportions, the model was a natural fit for Panache’s brand image. Moreover, her relatable personality added an extra layer of authenticity, making her an ideal choice to represent Panache’s diverse customer base. In addition, the team considered her relatability and found her to be the perfect candidate. Furthermore, her attractive features and proportional physique aligned perfectly with Panache’s desired image. Ultimately, she was the best choice for the job.

To complement the model’s beauty, we scouted and secured a stunning local location that ticked all the boxes. The chosen setting featured a lush backdrop, evoking a sense of natural beauty and sensuality. The presence of a rustic house and a natural stone pool provided a captivating ambience, perfectly aligned with the essence of Panache’s collection. This picturesque location nestled in Cape Town served as a backdrop that enhanced the lingerie and swimwear, making the overall visual narrative more compelling. Overall the Panache Lingerie Campaign was a success and the images produced were ideal for the brand.

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