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Sacoor Brothers

Photographer: Matthew Brookes

Sacoor Brothers is a renowned fashion brand known for its sophisticated style and elegance.  Their previous collaboration with Gavin Schneider Productions was a great success and the Sacoor Brothers sought to extend their brand narrative with us once again for their Sacoor Brothers 2018 Campaign.


  • Equipment hire
  • Transport Hire
  • Obtaining permits
  • Catering
  • Model auditions and casting
  • Location scouting and recce
  • Animal handler
  • Set design

The Brief

Our second production for Sacoor came with a very specific three-part mandate. Firstly, we were tasked with creating a modern house setting that exuded a New York edge. The design had to incorporate elements such as glass, concrete, steel, and light to capture the urban essence. Secondly, we needed to convey a Mediterranean story with blue accents, reflecting the rich heritage and vibrant colors associated with the region. Lastly, the production required a Moroccan-inspired desert setting, evoking the mystique and allure of the desert landscapes.

The Solution

Gavin Schneider Productions embarked on the journey to fulfil Sacoor Brothers’ 2018 Campaign, resulting in an extraordinary production that surpassed expectations. With our expertise in locations and creative ability, we successfully accomplished each aspect of the brief. The house we chose had the perfect New York feel to it and the location we chose for the Mediterranean Story was on point with the blue accents incorporated throughout.

The most ambitious part of the production involved transporting the team to the sand dunes of Atlantis, where we created the Moroccan-inspired desert setting. We constructed Bedouin tents, reminiscent of Lawrence of Arabia and provided a true sense of adventure and exoticism. Real camels were also brought in to complete the overall look.


It was an epic effort and an enormous feat to seamlessly merge these three distinct elements into a cohesive production. Our dedication and attention to detail allowed us to accomplish this incredible feat without leaving Cape Town. The result was a visually stunning campaign that effectively showcased Sacoor Brothers’ brand while captivating audiences with its international appeal.

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