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Photographer: Peter Schreiber

Gavin Schneider Productions (GSP) partnered with Schlaraffia, a renowned sleep products company, to create a unique and engaging production. Schlaraffia is known for its high-quality sleep products, including mattresses and bedding accessories.


  • Transport Hire
  • Equipment Hire
  • Model Auditioning and Casting
  • Obtaining permits
  • Set design and set up
  • Catering

The Brief

The idea for this Schlaraffia Advertising Campaign was to produce a captivating shoot which we fondly named ‘Sleeping on the Job.’ The concept involved bringing a bed into GSP headquarters and transforming their office space into a fully functional studio. The shoot required a camera mounted on a rig to capture dynamic shots. Additionally, the other half of the day was planned for shooting in different outdoor locations, emphasizing the need for a strong storytelling approach. The models, sourced from local agencies, had to be carefully cast to ensure they authentically portrayed the intended narrative.

The Solution

GSP executed the project by carefully addressing the specific requirements outlined in the brief. They successfully transformed their double-volume, glass-windowed workspace into a professional studio by bringing in a bed and other necessary props. The team expertly operated a remotely triggered camera mounted on a large wind-up rig, enabling them to capture unique and dynamic shots from different angles.

To ensure the success of the location shots, GSP dedicated significant attention to model casting. They carefully selected models from local agencies who not only fit the aesthetic requirements but also embodied the essence of the story. The models’ performances were vital in conveying the intended narrative, and they delivered exceptional results.


The collaboration resulted in a successful Schlaraffia Advertising Campaign. By transforming their office space into a fully functioning studio and carefully casting models to fit the narrative, GSP created captivating visuals that showcased Schlaraffia’s sleep products. The project exemplified GSP’s commitment to delivering innovative and creative solutions while effectively meeting its client’s objectives.

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