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Swiss RE

Photographer: Mathias Braschler

Swiss Re, one of our longstanding clients, collaborated with GSP to create a global campaign that showcased grand-scale images of devastation and regeneration. As an insurance company, Swiss Re often aims to highlight the impact of natural disasters and the importance of resilience. These campaigns require epic productions to effectively convey their message.


  • Special effect equipment hire
  • Equipment hire
  • Transport hire
  • Location scouting and recce
  • Catering
  • Set design and building

The Brief

For this specific Swiss RE global campaign, they sought to create a visually captivating series of images. The campaign required the following:

  • Recreation of a flooding river.
  • The use of rain machines. 
  • Search for a private wind farm (as state-run turbine farms were not suitable for shooting). 
  • Purchase of an entire wheat crop.
  • Construction of a jetty.
  • Sourcing of a specific stock of cattle from a commercial estate.
  • Permission to pour concrete onto a half-built edifice. 
  • Finding a model who was also an experienced climber to ascend to the top of the building. 
  • The replication of the aftermath of an earthquake by scouting a dilapidated structure that could be partially rebuilt.

The Solution

Gavin Schneider Productions (GSP) skillfully carried out a complex campaign for Swiss Re. They paid close attention to detail and demonstrated expertise in different production aspects. GSP designed sets and employed special effects to recreate a flooding river, while skillfully calibrated rain machines produced an authentic rainstorm.

Through research and securing a private wind farm, GSP captured breathtaking shots that showcased the power of wind energy. The team acquired a whole wheat crop and constructed a jetty, enhancing the campaign’s authenticity and visual impact.

GSP carefully selected specific cattle to highlight the resilience of communities affected by natural disasters. They obtained permission to pour concrete onto a partially constructed building, symbolizing the commitment to building stronger structures. An experienced climber added an awe-inspiring element by ascending a building, and a dilapidated structure was discovered and partially rebuilt to replicate the aftermath of an earthquake. These efforts effectively conveyed the message of resilience and regeneration.


The end result of the Swiss Re global campaign was an impressive collection of images that met Swiss Re’s objectives and showcased GSP’s ability to deliver outstanding productions.

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