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Photographer: David Boni

Intervet is a leading European veterinary pharmaceutical company. They specialize in producing animal health products and offer a wide range of products for various animal species. Intervet’s objective was to develop a captivating advertising campaign that would strongly connect with its European audience.


  • Location Recce and hire
  • Equipment Hire
  • Transport Hire
  • Model Auditions and Casting
  • Animal sourcing and hiring
  • Animal Handler
  • Catering

The Brief

Intervet had a specific vision for its advertising campaign. Its success hinged on capturing the essence of animals relevant to its product lines, such as dogs, cows, calves, piglets, and cats. Matching these animals closely with the breeds commonly found in Europe was important to create familiarity among the target audience.

At Gavin Schneider Productions, we faced the challenge of casting the right human models and sourcing the specified four-legged animals in Cape Town. Meeting the client’s exact specifications was essential. Additionally, since shooting often occurred outside the animals’ natural habitats, transportation and logistics played a vital role in the production process.

Dogs, Calves, Piglets, oh My!

To meet the client’s requirements, we meticulously selected the appropriate breeds of dogs, cows, calves, piglets, and cats commonly found in Europe. Extensive research and collaboration with animal experts and breeders were conducted to resonate with the target audience.

Additionally, we faced the task of relocating over 1000 chicks to a makeshift battery for the shoot, requiring careful planning and coordination to ensure their safety and well-being.

Efficient transportation of animals to the shooting locations was facilitated through collaboration with an experienced animal wrangler. The wrangler lined up the animals, two by two, akin to Noah’s Ark, ensuring their safe arrival and readiness for the production team to capture the desired shots.

The Solution

We collaborated with Intervet to create a visually stunning advertising campaign. Diligently sourcing the client-specified breeds of dogs, cows, calves, piglets, and cats, we established familiarity and connection with the European audience.

Our team demonstrated meticulous planning and execution in casting models and sourcing and transporting animals. The campaign not only captured attention but also reinforced the brand’s commitment to animal health and welfare.

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